Data Integration – 3 Reasons To Connect Your Disparate Systems

Connecting data between different systems using API’s or system level connections is an integral part of any digital transformation. Businesses can create a digital mesh using a variety of hand-picked systems rather than finding a one-size-fits-all solution. Specialized systems can each focus on a particular task but still collaborate with and leverage the capabilites of other external systems.

Using integration capabilities like API’s, many disparate systems can be combined to create a best-in-breed ecosystem to better serve any particular business function. With SpiceCSM all manner of systems can be tied together, regardless of whether they have API’s, and you can easily create a unified interface for your newly created digital eco-system.

Here are three reasons that your company should be leveraging data integrations through SpiceCSM:

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Zola M. Powell


Data integration is facilitated using mechanisms like API’s because it is crucial to be accurate and accountable. API’s are, in simple terms, programmable connections between a host and client system that define what data can be transmitted from the host system, and what to do with said data in the client system.

SpiceCSM allows you to use API’s to send data at ANY step in a process workflow automatically, without any agent intervention, using data you’ve defined for that interaction. Since the integration happens on the system level, once that API has been programmed it will run infinitely and reliably whenever it is called.

These automated integrations can consistently and accurately send countless pieces of data

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