Section 6 - Pricing

Call Center
Solution Pricing

Small Dedicated team

Many companies start building their remote teams with this package
  • Dedicated Agents
  • Your dedicated office space
  • Multilingual support
  • 24/7 coverage
Section 4 - Steps

Client Onboarding

Negotiation (Week 1)

During the first week, we ensure to collect necessary information from you, set objectives, and prepare a financial proposal

Contracting (Week 2)

During the second week, we sign the contract, prepayment of the security deposit, defining processes, and HR engagement

Office Setup (Week 3)

During the third week, we continue with HR sourcing and selection, office furnishing, and IT setup

Go Live (Week 4)

During the fourth week, we close HR final recruitment of the team, training, education, and fine-tuning of the group